Winnipeg’s roads will cost billions to revamp: construction association

Click to play video: 'Winnipeg’s roads will cost billions to revamp: construction association' Winnipeg’s roads will cost billions to revamp: construction association
WATCH: Cities roads are riddled with potholes and the president of Manitoba Heavy Construction Association told Global News it will cost billions to fix them. – Mar 17, 2016

WINNIPEG — Drivers across the city are dodging and weaving on the roads to avoid potholes and bad roads the spring melt unearths.

The City of Winnipeg has proposed to spend $105.16 million this year on road repair and maintenance. The budget for pothole patching clocks in at $1.8 million for 2016.

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“That’s not nearly enough to fix the problem,” said Chris Lorenc, President of Manitoba Heavy Construction Association.

“[The city] would have to invest $800 million each and every year, for ten years.”

The $8 billion estimate includes other infrastructure projects and is nearly eight times the current commitment.

Winnipeg’s crumbling roads continue to draw debate as drivers and citizens attempt to maneuver through the streets. Adrian Cheung/Global News

Lorenc said the number is based on a total overhaul of the roads system.

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“It will take 20 to 30 years of sustained, purpose driven investment to catch up.”

With each passing year the city has invested more money dedicated to fixing the city’s roadways.

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This year’s proposed budget would see an increase from 2015, when $103.3 million was spent; $84.2 million was committed to fixing roads in 2014.

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