Volunteers rehabilitate dozens of seagulls injured in tofu vat snafu

Burnaby Wildlife Rescue cleans up seagulls from sticky mess
WATCH: More than 60 seagulls are getting the full "oil spill cleanup" treatment from Burnaby Wildlife Rescue, but the birds weren't caught up in an oil spill. Randene Neill explains what happened.

Volunteers with the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC are treating 62 seagulls that got stuck in an East Vancouver tofu vat.

Officials say the birds flew into a vat of tofu waste covered by a metal grid at Superior Tofu on East Pender Street. The company installed it this week to try to stop the seagulls from eating the pulp residue.

The birds still managed to get in the vat, but they couldn’t get out.

“All of them were soiled in tofu residue. At the moment, we’re trying to get them settled, get them warm, make sure there’s no life-threatening injuries,” said Yolanda Brooks, communications manager at the Wildlife Rescue Association.

“When birds have soiled feathers, it can compromise their water-proofing, and that can cause hypothermia…we’re just looking at them, and dealing with any injuries they may have.”

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The birds will be cared for over the weekend, and the Wildlife Rescue Association will be working with Superior Tofu to find a better solution to the tofu vat trouble.