Winnipeg police chief’s salary one of lowest in country

The salary of Winnipeg's police chief is a little more than $160,000, which is one of the lowest in the country. Thunder Bay's chief, which has a much smaller population, is paid nearly $190,000. Marek Tkach / Global News

WINNIPEG — The city is on the hunt for a new police chief after Devon Clunis announced his retirement Thursday.

Clunis said the retirement had “nothing to do with” the potential cuts heading to the Winnipeg Police Service, but because he accomplished his goals after 29 years with the police service and more than three years as chief.

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The Winnipeg Police Service’s budget has a shortfall of $2.45 million dollars and there’s a chance some officers could be out of job in order to save some money.

In the wake of threatening cuts, what does the city pay its chief of police? And how does it stack up against major cities across the country?

Global News compiled a list of police chief salaries across Canada in 2014 (note not every major city made the list).

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Out of all the cities, Winnipeg’s police chief ranks one of the lowest in the country, sitting at $160,272.

The police chief in Brandon makes more than Winnipeg’s. Thunder Bay’s chief (which has a much smaller population) is paid nearly $190,000.

Meanwhile. Vancouver, Calgary and Regina have some of the highest salaries.

Check out the full list below.

Police chief salaries across Canada (2014) 

  1. Vancouver – $331,077
  2. Calgary – $275,000 to $325,000
  3. Regina – $253,275
  4. Hamilton, ON – $228,518
  5. Abbotsford, BC – $218,695
  6. Barrie, ON – $213,154
  7. Toronto – $204,922
  8. Ottawa –  $198,530
  9. Niagra, ON- $195,989
  10. Saskatoon (2013) $198,735, $194 666
  11. Thunder Bay, ON – $190,987
  12. Peterborough, ON  – $171,200
  13. Brandon, MB – $161,133
  14. Winnipeg – $160,272
  15. Windsor, ON – $160,000

Although Winnipeg ranks one of the lowest in police chief salaries, Manitoba continues to have the highest rate in officers among the country, according to Statistics Canada.

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