Support for Premier Christy Clark continues to drop, NDP leader thought of as best premier

Despite a flurry of high-profile good news announcements, the numbers continue to slide for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals.

The latest Ipsos Reid poll has the Liberals dropping another four points among decided voters, mostly to the benefit of the NDP.

Not only are the Liberals dropping — for the first time — more British Columbians think Adrian Dix would make the best Premier.

Premier Christy Clark was in Barkerville today, panning for gold in the old mining town.

It seemed an appropriate thing to do given that she certainly needs a change in fortunes.

Public opinion these days is simply not on her side.

The latest Ipsos Reid poll measures just how far the Premier and her party have fallen in public support.

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The hole they are in keeps getting deeper. The NDP is the choice of almost half the decided voters right now at 48 per cent, jumping 4 points since the February poll.

The BC Liberals continue to slide in support, down to 29 per cent.

The BC Conservatives are unchanged at 16 per cent.

In terms of leaders’ approval ratings, Adrian Dix of the NDP keeps improving, with his approval rating rising 5 points to 50 percent

Christy Clark has dropped a whopping 14 points, to just 33 per cent approval.

Support for John Cummins of the Conservatives remains the same.

“Christy Clark has now moved down in terms of public approval, to the level of her party. She’s no longer over performing her party,” says Kyle Braid of Ipsos Reid. “Momentum for Christy Clark and public perceptions are weakening – quickly.”

The strength of the NDP is now seen on many levels. Dix now beats Clark when it comes to who would make the best Premier.

The party has double digit leads in every region of the province.

Making things worse for the Premier, a huge gender gap has developed. Women have almost deserted the BC liberals.

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“it’s clear that the NDP have the momentum – they are at almost 50 per cent in the polls, a level that is almost unprecedented for the party,” says Braid.

The next election is less than a year away.

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