New e-mail phishing scam appears as Canada Post delivery notice

HALIFAX – If you’re expecting a parcel to show up on your door, Canada Post won’t be sending an e-mail alert to let you know about a missed delivery.

The latest e-mail scam circulating in Canada resembles a message from Canada Post, complete with a tracking code and a link to find out where you can pick up your package.

Canada Post issued a notice about the e-mail, referred to as a phishing scam June 8 as it could compromise security or infect computers with a virus.

Spokesperson John Caines says Canada Post would only send out an email alert if a customer requested a receipt of delivery for a package he or she sent via priority post or couriers.

In the case of a missed delivery, customers should only expect a card in their mailbox, he says.

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Canada Post says those who receive the e-mail should simply delete it.

“It’s like any scam – buyer beware,” Caines says.

Aside from the fact Canada Post does not send out e-mail alerts, there are a couple of red flags within the body of the message that will give the scam away.

The sender’s email address is The extra “p” in post is one give away, but also Canada Post’s domain is “.ca” not “.com”.

If your eyes play tricks on you and you don’t quite catch those discrepancies, a trademark of most phishing scams is somewhat shoddy English: Many scam e-mails originate from outside of English-speaking North America.

Have a look at this example of the fake Canada Post delivery notification to see for yourself.




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