Alberta orders agency to develop incentive program for renewable energy projects

This May 6, 2013 file photo shows a wind turbine farm.
This May 6, 2013 file photo shows a wind turbine farm. Matt Young / AP Photo

EDMONTON – Alberta has ordered a non-profit agency to develop an incentive program to add more renewable energy such as wind power to the province’s electricity grid.

The Alberta Electric System Operator is to come up with recommendations for the program by May in the hope of having the first project approved by the government by end of the year.

Other sources of renewable energy to be considered include hydroelectric, bio-mass and solar.

Alberta wants renewable energy sources to make up 30 per cent of electricity generation by 2030.

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Currently renewables make up about 17 per cent, with the lion’s share coming from natural gas and coal.

The operator says more power lines will be needed to tap more renewables into the power grid and move the electricity to where it is needed.

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“We are pleased to help support the government’s climate leadership plan by developing and implementing an incentive program to bring more renewables onto the grid,” Mike Law, a vice-president of AESO, said Thursday in a release.

“We appreciate the government’s commitment to integrating new sources of renewable power into the Alberta electric system.”

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