Saskatchewan election results 2016: Sask. Party wins Regina Coronation Park riding

Mark Docherty of the Sask. Party has won the Regina Coronation Park riding with 2,992 votes beating out the NDP’s Ted Jaleta who got 2,848 votes.

Summary: This is an urban riding in the city of Regina. Saskatchewan Party MLA Mark Docherty seeks re-election in the Regina Coronation Park riding.

Boundaries: This district includes the Reina neigbourhoods of Argyle Park, City View, Highland Park, Coronation Park and Churchill Downs.

Last Election: With no incumbent running, Saskatchewan Party candidate Mark Docherty defeated the NDP’s Jaime Garcia by just under 600 votes, 54 to 44 per cent.

History: Former Minister of Labour Kim Trew of the NDP was an MLA in Regina North from 1985-1995 after that riding dissolved he was the MLA for Coronation Park from 1995-2011.


Saskatchewan PartyMark Docherty, member of the MLA since 2011 and in June 2014 he was appointed as Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport and Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission.

NDP: Ted Jaleta, recently retired from being a federal civil servant and current coach for the Jaleta Pacers running group

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Liberal: Tara Jijian, active advocate for health care

Green: Melvin Pylypchuk

Independent: Douglas Hudgin