Legislature to vote on bill to end insurance ‘discrimination’ based on neighbourhood

TORONTO – People across Toronto could potentially be paying a lot less for car insurance soon, as a private members bill is voted on that could end so-called discrimination by neighbourhood.

The Ontario legislature will be voting on a bill that purports to end auto insurance discrimination in Toronto that bases price on which neighbourhood the customer lives in.

“Insurance rates should be based on your driving record, not on what part of the GTA you raise your family in,” said NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh who introduced the private members bill. “It’s simply unfair that good drivers in parts of the GTA pay as much as double for insurance than good drivers in other GTA neighbourhoods.”

According to numbers released by MPP Singh, a 40 year old driving a Ford Focus, living in Jane and Finch would pay just over $3000 for auto insurance a year, while the same person living in Lawrence Park would pay just $1710.

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The bill is up for second-reading on Thursday, and if approved, will move to a third and final reading in the Ontario legislature.

If the bill is passed on the second reading, it would be opened up to committee which would allow for review and amendments. 


Global News used the website to provide details about insurance prices for various neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Below is the average price of insurance for a 29-year old, single, employed, male driving a 2011 Hyundai Elantra, with no history of poor driving, in various neighbourhoods in Toronto.