February 2, 2016 11:30 am
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265 earthquakes have been recorded in Canada so far this year

A map showing where the earthquakes hit and their magnitude.

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Canada isn’t widely known for seismic activity, but few regions of the country are immune to the occasional quake.

Here are some facts from Earthquakes Canada:

— There were 265 earthquakes in and around the country to Jan. 28 of this year, ranging from a barely detectable 0.0-magnitude shake in Quebec to a 4.4-magnitude tremor in the Rocky Mountains.

— Despite the abundance of ground-shaking incidents, only three earthquakes were reportedly “felt.”

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— With 169 events from Jan. 1 to Jan. 28, British Columbia is far and away the leader when it comes to sheer number of quakes.

— Quebec and its active Charlevoix Seismic Zone ranks a distant second, with 24 incidents during the same period.

— Alberta had 12 quakes, while Ontario and New Brunswick each experienced three, followed by Prince Edward Island with a single event.

— When it comes to tremor strength, Alberta topped the Richter-scale charts after a 4.4-magnitude shake struck about 180 kilometres northeast of Jasper on Jan. 12.

— The territories also exhibited their share of activity, with 38 incidents between the three of them.

—Fifteen events happened across the border in Alaska and Washington but were sizeable enough to get picked up in Canada.


— Of the three 2016 quakes registered as “felt,” one occurred in Alberta while the others took place in British Columbia, though the latter pair only ranked 1.0 and 1.9 in magnitude.

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