‘The Blacklist’s Megan Boone on the show’s pregnancy shocker

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The Blacklist pregnancy surprise
WATCH: In the final minutes of the latest 'The Blacklist' episode, Liz (Megan Boone) discovers a big surprise: She’s pregnant – Jan 22, 2016

As if The Blacklist‘s Liz (Megan Boone) doesn’t have enough on her plate.

Between the volatility of her job — poor Liz is still relegated to the office and away from the “field” — and the ongoing questions she has about Reddington (James Spader) and her relationship with Tom (Ryan Eggold), it’s a wonder Liz isn’t losing her mind.

Now, to top it all off, on Thursday night’s episode of The Blacklist, Liz discovered she’s pregnant with Tom’s baby. She has even more decisions to make about her career, her romantic life and her overall life path. We wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

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Global News spoke exclusively to the pregnant-in-real-life Boone the morning after the big reveal, and even she’s feeling the pressure.

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Global News: First of all, congratulations on your real-life pregnancy and engagement.
Megan Boone: Thank you. It’s going much better for me than it is for Liz Keen, that’s for sure. [Laughs]

How is Liz feeling right now, after discovering this news?
She’s very conflicted about bringing a child into her world, about raising a child with everything that’s going on. She’s going to have a lot of decisions to make in the coming episodes regarding her upcoming trials and her relationship with Tom. You know, obviously Reddington is going to have some things to say about it, as he does.

How do you think this will impact her relationships with Tom and Red?
As is the case with new most mothers and fathers, your life is no longer your own. Liz has to make a decision about what she’s going to do next, based on the well-being of her baby. It’s not even about her own well-being anymore. I think she’s taken risks in the past that she won’t necessarily be willing to take with a baby in the picture. That being said, having a baby in the picture is a conundrum, because she’s never been able to escape Red’s pull. She just keeps getting sucked further and further into it. The question for her is: can I escape? And if she can’t, then she knows she can’t have a child in this world.

Last night’s episode really made it apparent how much Liz loves her job. How much will that factor into her decisions?
You know what’s so funny? It’s true for me too! Being back in the war room, that feeling was something that I was able to transfer into the show. For the first half of the season, I was with James Spader out on location and I didn’t get to see my [work] family. It was so exciting to go back to work, to be able to do scenes with those guys and hang out with them. I really enjoyed that aspect of the show this year. I think it was good for me to be torn away from the war room. It gave me an appreciation for it. I won’t take them for granted for the rest of the show. [Laughs]
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Now that you’re back in the war room, you might just have to leave again because of the pregnancy.
For Liz, her work life bleeds so much into her personal life… especially in this coming episode, you’ll see that she doesn’t really have an escape from it, even at home. I think that’s really the concern for her. There’s an aspect of danger to her livelihood and her relationships with Red and Tom, and it could potentially put her child in peril.

Another issue for Liz is not knowing who her parents are. Having been given up for adoption, as she was, knowing how that affected her in her life, that colours the choice of whether or not she’d give the baby up for adoption. Those kinds of things will come into play and continue to move those parts of the mythology of the show forward. This show is a lot about parenthood.

If/when Liz has the baby, do you think she’d name it “Red”?
Red, Jr.? [Laughs]
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If you have a girl on the show, you could name her “Scarlett” — get it?
[Laughs] I’ll tell the writers what you said. Wouldn’t it be funny if it ended up in the script? Wait a minute… [Laughs]

‘The Blacklist’ airs on Global TV on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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