Edmontonians still splurging on extras despite struggling economy

Edmontonians still spending
WATCH ABOVE: Despite a slowing economy, Edmontonians are still finding a few extra bucks to spend on luxury items. Sarah Kraus reports.

EDMONTON – If the annual motorcycle show is any indication, Edmontonians are still finding ways to get new toys – even though money may be tight.

Don Evjen works in the oil and gas industry and is concerned about the stability of his job. But for right now, he’s still employed and ready to spend money on a new motorcycle.

“If I got laid-off I wouldn’t buy anything. As long as I’m working, I’m buying something,” he said.

Evjen is not alone. Normally, show organizers expect 33,000 people to come through the doors over the course of a weekend. Despite tough economic times, manager Laurie Paetz said attendance has remained steady.

Paetz said it wasn’t hard to get companies to take part in the show, “people realize that sometimes when the economy isn’t going so great, sometimes you have to market more. So we actually had strong sales here on the show floor.”

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Dan Mogus is passionate about riding on two wheels.

“I own four bikes, a dirt bike, an adventure bike, a sport bike and a roadster,” he said. “I live to ride. I do nothing all winter but wait for spring.”

While he said he can’t afford another motorcycle, it didn’t stop him and his wife from looking at the show.

“With the economic times, they still want to ride,” said David Boire with Echo Cycle. “So they might just be looking at some accessories, ask questions about windshields and bags. Maybe this year they’ll hold off on a new unit.”

When customers come in to his store trying to get a deal, he suggests trading in an older bike.

“We encourage people to bring us pictures of their used products. We’ll have a look at it, discuss it. Sometimes they’re worth more than what they think they are,” Boire explained.

There are also payment options, and deals to be had as manufacturers and dealers alike try to lure customers into buying.

“Show special pricing is the time of year to buy,” said Paetz.“There’s even special financing that comes into play. Everybody is cognizant of the fact that Alberta is pulling back, so they’re making it more economical.”

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