Sask. government to fund treatment for boy with rare eating disorder

The Saskatchewan government will now fund treatment for Kayden Kot, a Saskatoon boy with a rare eating disorder. Supplied

The Saskatchewan government has done an about-face on a medical funding decision for Kayden Kot, who suffers from a rare eating disorder. In December, the government rejected the family’s request for Kayden to get treatment in Denver, Colo.

The specialized feeding therapy, which endorsed the out-of-country treatment, would cost $14,000.

At the time, Health Minister Dustin Duncan said they “can’t approve everybody because they have found the best treatment.”

On Friday, Duncan reversed course, stating the Health Ministry will now fund the $14,000 treatment for Kayden.

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The news is welcome relief for the Kot family although they are disappointed it took so long to get approval.

“Although we are relieved Kayden will receive this treatment – we are also disappointed things took so long. Time is of the essence in a young child’s life and at Kayden’s expense he will have waited 8 months for the therapies,” Kayden’s parents said in a release.

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“We are still waiting to hear back from the government on all Kayden’s other complexities and needs that cannot be met in our province. Kayden’s diet is a major part of this.”

Kayden is allergic to foods like corn, wheat, soy, dairy, rice and nuts. Before the age of one, he was throwing up more than 15 times a day.

A feeding tube has become his lifeline. The frequent vomiting stunted his growth and today, the four-year-old can hardly crawl or talk.

Kayden’s mother, Sylvie, appeared on the Morning News earlier this week to promote the kisses and cuddles for Kayden Kot fundraiser to raise money for his treatment.

The fundraiser will still be going ahead.

“Kayden’s benefit for continued medical support is scheduled for January 23. This will help us focus on paying for the costs of travel to the US, accommodations, his neuro movement lessons in California, his diet, and his numerous supplements.”

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Kisses and cuddles for Kayden Kot – Jan 13, 2016

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