January 12, 2016 4:02 pm

Amazing 360-degree view lets you stand on Mars like Mark Watney from ‘The Martian’

This image was taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on sol (Martian day) 1197 (Dec. 19, 2015).


If you’ve ever dreamed about what it would feel like to stand on Mars and have a look around, here’s your chance.

Emily Lakdawalla, senior editor of The Planetary Society, has created a 360-degree view of Mars that makes you feel like you’re actually standing on the Red Planet, much like the protagonist in Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of the Andy Weir novel The Martian.

The images were put together using the application RoundMe. An application that allows you to create and share panoramas.

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Lakdawalla used images from sol 1197 of Curiosity’s mission (sol is one Martian day, which is slightly longer than an Earth day by roughly 40 minutes). Curiosity is positioned in front of a dune named Namib, which is about four metres high. In the distance is Mount Sharp which lies within Gale Crater and reaches roughly 5.5 km high.

The panorama allows you to look up and down, left and right and even zoom in on features (Lakdawalla noted that the sky was artificially filled in above the horizon).

To get the best feel for it, it’s best to explore in hi-res and on a big screen.

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