‘I always said I was going to marry David Bowie’: Calgary couple cherishes special connection

WATCH ABOVE: ‘Actually I’m David Bowie’: Calgary man shares name with music icon.

Fans around the world are mourning David Bowie’s death, but one Calgary couple will always have a unique connection with the British rock legend. It’s bound to happen when your name also happens to be David Bowie.

Growing up in Calgary, the Alberta David Bowie always loved the music of that other David Bowie.

It seemed like destiny that, on Jan. 8, 1999, he first laid eyes on his wife-to-be, Colleen, in a Calgary café.

Jan. 8 also happens to be the famous Bowie’s birthday.

When his song Rebel Rebel came on the café’s sound system, the Calgary Bowie started up a conversation with Colleen, who’d also grown up a huge Bowie fan.

“So then she says: ‘Ever since I first saw and heard David Bowie, I’ve been telling my family and friends that some day I was going to marry David Bowie,'” he recalled.

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“So I pull out my driver’s licence, lay in on the table, and the second she reads the name she lets out a scream.”

“A year to the day later, we were married and we now have three daughters,” he said. “They’re becoming Bowie fans also, and they’ll sing along with the songs too.”

“I always said I was going to marry David Bowie,” Colleen said, “and I did.”