‘We’re running out of kitties’: Vancouver’s first cat cafe is very popular

Vancouver’s first ever cat cafe – the Catfe – is so popular that the owner says they are already running out of cats.

Michelle Furbacher only opened the Catfe on Dec. 14 and out of the 10 cats they started with, only three are left.

“The response was pretty crazy,” said Furbacher. “We [are] booked up for reservations well into January now already. We’ve just had kitties flying off the shelves.”

“We’re running out of kitties.”

Furbacher raised more than $32,000 to help fund the project, which is now housed in the International Village Mall, at 88 West Pender Street, #2035.

Popular in Japan, cat cafes are places people can go to have a drink or snack while spending time with cats.

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But this is the first cafe of its kind in Vancouver.

All the cats come from the BC SPCA and they also oversee the adoption process.

“There’s just so much interest in the cats,” said Furbacher.

Only 16 people are allowed into the space with the cats at any one time so as to not overwhelm the cats.

“A huge part of it is that they’re not in cages here,” said Furbacher. “They get a chance to be themselves more.”

“It’s quite easy to fall in love with a cat.”

The Catfe is closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and will reopen for Boxing Day.

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You can follow the cat cafe in Vancouver on Facebook and Twitter.

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