Manitoba Bisons swimmer doing it all and doing it well

WINNIPEG — She’s one of Canada’s top swimmers, having caught the country’s attention with countless university titles.

But Kimberly Moors’ biggest fan isn’t that big at all.

“She’s my world,” said the 29-year-old while talking about her daughter. “I love her. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

On top of being a student-athlete with the Manitoba Bisons, Moors is also a single mom to six-year-old Mila.

“It gets a little hectic,” said Moors. “Sometimes she gets sick so I have to stop everything and my role as a mom overpowers everything.”

Moors took the plunge and returned to university in 2012 when her daughter was two. The small family moved from Thompson to Winnipeg so Moors can study kinesiology. She also figured it was the right time to dive back into competitive swimming following a seven year hiatus.

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“I always loved swimming,” said Moors. “I really wanted to see if I could do it again. I wanted to challenge myself mainly.”

When the test gets too tough, Moors leans on her teammates for support. In return, she gives them inspiration.

“Just the recognition of that we don’t have it as tough,” said Bisons swimming head coach Vlastik Cerny. “That provides some boost for training and effort.”

But Moors isn’t just a role model for her fellow swimmers. She’s also someone her daughter can look up to.

“I want her to be able to look back and when she’s having a hard time and feels like giving up, she can think of me and think my mom didn’t give up,” said Moors.

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