Trudeau calls on Canadians to help enact Paris Agreement

Prime Minister Trudeau is calling for Canadians to take an active role in implementing the global climate change deal reached this weekend in Paris.

“We will be asking Canadians to take an active part in this critical global effort using their remarkable ingenuity, innovation, and networks,” a statement from the prime minister reads.

In the statement he said he’ll meet with the premiers within in the next three months to hammer out Canada’s emission targets.

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He said Canada will move toward a climate resilient economy and the government will invest in public transit, green infrastructure and clean technologies.

Proponents of this weekend’s global climate deal in Paris say it provides opportunities for the Canadian economy.

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Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says there are huge opportunities for innovation.

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Her sentiments are echoed by the Chief Operating Officer of GLOBE Series, an organization that runs corporate sustainability conferences.

Nancy Wright notes there has been job loss in Canada because of the economy’s reliance on oil and gas revenues and falling petroleum prices.

She says developing a clean technology sector will help provide a buffer.

The White House is also praising what it calls “the most ambitious climate change agreement in history” after the United States and nearly 200 other countries backed the deal in Paris.


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