Griffintown’s oldest house is on the move

Sud-Ouest borough mayor Benoit Dorais stands in front of la Maison Keegan, Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Maître Carré

MONTREAL – Griffintown’s oldest house, la Maison Keegan, built sometime between 1820 and 1830, is on the move.

Why? To make room for a condo project.

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At almost 200 years old, this isn’t the first time the house is being displaced.

La Maison Keegan is being dug up and moved to make way for a condo project in Griffintown, Montreal, December 9, 2015. Maître Carré

The Anglo-Saxon house was originally built on Murray Street, but was relocated to de la Montagne Street near Wellington Street in 1865.

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It is being temporarily moved to Rioux Street, Wednesday, just on the other side of the Faubourg Sainte-Anne park.

The home measures about six metres by 10 metres; it was lifted onto a truck and driven to its new location, where it will stay for 16 months.

A worker looks on as la Maison Keegan is moved 300 metres to its temporary location on Rioux Street, Montreal, December 9, 2015. Maître Carré

It will eventually be integrated as an entranceway to the apartments that will be built as part of the Bricksfields condo and office space project.

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The move took three months to plan; it was done in collaboration with Transports Quebec and the City of Montreal.

The home’s original owner was Andrew Keegan, a teacher at Saint-Patrick Academy.

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