Church surprises single mom with $2500 tip for delivering pizza

When Nicole Carroll brought a pizza into the Cornerstone Community Church Saturday night, she thought she was just delivering a pizza. Moments later she was overcome with emotion for a very good reason.

A pizza delivery woman was left in tears Saturday after an act of generosity left her with a jaw-dropping tip of a lifetime.

Nicole Carroll is a single mother of two and a student at Pierce College in Puyallup, a community near Tacoma, Wash. She also delivers pizzas for Puyallup Pizza Time who described her, in a Facebook post, as someone who’s had a “huge, positive impact” on the people she works with.

Her employer had a camera recording, hidden among the clergy, when Carroll showed up Saturday at Cornerstone Community Church to drop a pizza off.

“They said that the pastor ordered a pizza, and I was a little early so I thought I was there waiting for him to finish his service to be honest with you,” she told KIRO.

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Pastor Troy Asher told Carroll she was getting nearly US$1,900 – or C$2,500 at the current exchange rate – for the food.

She immediately took a step back and covered her mouth as tears streamed down her face. She was shaking with emotion.

The pastor eventually explained that donations were gathered from church members and the idea for the surprise was adopted from another church.

“I prayed specifically, said, ‘God I want somebody who’s either a single mom or a student that’s working full time,’ and she’s both,” Asher said.

Pizza Time, for their part, are now asking inspired people to continue the trend.

“It is my hope this is just a seed of generosity that grows, and produces lots more seeds, which in turn produces more with each generation getting stronger,” a Facebook post stated. “I am asking you to polish the good in yourself and let it shine brighter to brighten the good in someone else.”