Sonia Deol joins the Global BC Morning News as co-host

After a lengthy cross-country search, we have found our new Global BC Morning News co-host.

Sonia Deol is no stranger to both TV and radio and has an impressive resume. She has worked on BBC Breakfast and BBC News in London, interviewing a number of world leaders, anchoring coverage of the 9/11 attacks and hosting programs covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She has also won various awards for best presenter and best female presenter several times.

Born and raised in England, Sonia moved to B.C. for love, got married here and is now a mother to a young daughter. She has been getting to know our province over the past few years and has been anchoring a variety of newscasts at CBC Vancouver.

Luckily her family in Vancouver are huge fans of Global BC and are thrilled she is joining our team.

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“I’ve very very excited,” says Sonia. “Honoured is a word I’d use actually.”

“I’m genuinely happy because I met the team this morning, Chris, Steve and all the viewers and what I got was a real sense of community and family, both on and off screen.”

Aside from obviously looking forward to the 2:30 a.m. wake up, Sonia says she is really excited about hosting a morning program that is such a big part of B.C. and its resident’s lives.

“Waking people up and being part of their day,” she says.

It is not yet known when Sonia will make her first appearance on the Morning News, but she already feels like part of the team.

“Steve and I feel like we have really good chemistry together,” she says. “Steve was saying today it feels like we’ve been doing this for years, which is such a compliment as it was our first time on air.”

She also thanks Global BC viewers for such a warm response to the announcement this morning.

“You can tell that this is not just a TV station, [viewers] see it as a part of their family,” says Sonia.

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