A bride ruined her dress after a text message ruined her wedding

Kilee Manulak’s fiancé of two years recently called off their engagement via a text message and how she dealt with her wedding emotions is nothing short of spectacular.

Tampa Bay native Manulak says she received the horrible news via text the week of her wedding.

“I just kind of went numb,” Manulak told WFLA. “My maid of honour, my mom, and all my friends just helped me… I was just so devastated.”

How did she cope? Her bridesmaids, some coloured powder and the destruction of a certain white gown.

Kilee Manulak and her bridal party trashed their gowns in spectacular fashion.
Kilee Manulak and her bridal party trashed their gowns in spectacular fashion. WFLA / NBC

Manulak – who claims she had every intention to keep the dress – and her bridal party headed to Tampa’s Color Fun Fest 5K race where they covered themselves in powder and even went on stage to celebrate the damage with a crowd.

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“It was actually very liberating,” she added. “I don’t want a pity party. I just want to have fun with it.”

But how Manulak’s engagement abruptly ended may be a conversation topic for some time. It’s also similar to a famous episode of HBO’s Sex and the City entitled The Post-it Always Sticks Twice where the main character Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is dumped by her boyfriend (Ron Livingston as Jack Berger) via a post-it note.

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Carrie and her friends were up to some mischief by the end of the episode. After explaining to a police officer how she was recently dumped they were allowed to continue.

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But that was a work of fiction. As for Manulak’s real-life story, she’s already looking to move forward.

“I definitely want to tell him thank you for sparing me heartaches down the road, and thank you for letting me go so I can find true happiness,” Manulak said.

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