Vancouver Gang Unit apologizes for tweets warning about ‘shatter’

The Vancouver Police Department’s Gang Unit has  apologized for a series of inaccurate tweets on Sunday warning about overdoses in connection with the drug “shatter.”

Shatter is a potent pot product that is made by extracting THC from the plant, then making a concentrate of up to 90 per cent THC that users then smoke or vape.

Shatter is sold in several commercial dispensaries around Vancouver, and has spread in popularity across North American in recent months.

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The VPD Gang Unit originally tweeted: “Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘Shatter’. We cannot lose any more young people to senseless overdoses.”

However, they issued an apology on Monday.

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British Columbia’s top doctor says THC is not a direct cause of fatal overdoses.

“If you had enough of it, it could cause anxiety attacks, it could make you very stoned, some people get paranoid, it’s been associated with psychosis, but I don’t think it’s been associated with a fatal overdose,” said Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall.

Dana Larsen, director of the marijuana reform organization Sensible BC, said making shatter is more dangerous than using it, as it’s often concocted in home labs using solvents and butane.

“These kind of products that are very potent should not be the first way you enter into cannabis use, but parents do not have to be worried about children dying from marijuana overdose. That is not a legitimate concern at all,” he said.

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“Shatter or dabs or wax or butter, or whatever you want to call it, these products are very pure and very potent, but they don’t cause anybody to die.”

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