Mysterious light over California ‘freaks people out,’ prompts UFO claims

Conspiracy theories were flying Saturday night as an unusual bright light filled the sky over southern California. People took to Twitter to post pictures and theories, with some seeming genuinely freaked out about the whole thing.

WATCH ABOVE: Eyewitnesses to a mysterious light over Los Angeles on Saturday night give their accounts of what they saw in the sky.

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A tweet from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office attempted to diffuse any worries, explaining it was U.S. Navy test missile:

“Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through JWA tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast. No further details.”

However, to some observers that explanation didn’t quite cut it, and allegations of a cover up quickly followed.

A Navy spokesman told The San Diego Union-Tribune the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted the missile test at sea Saturday from the USS Kentucky, a ballistic missile submarine.

Cmdr. Ryan Perry said the launches are conducted on a frequent basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system and that information about such test launches is classified prior to the launch

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