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Lethbridge’s most haunted attractions

WATCH ABOVE: Erik Mikkelsen has some spooky spirits who don’t necessarily wait until Halloween to make themselves know.


LETHBRIDGE – It’s that time of year when everything seems a little spookier than usual. When cemeteries look more daunting in the dimming sunlight and the local ghost stories feel that much more real.

Museum educator Belinda Crowson said it’s the time of year when the spirits who may be hanging out in our city all year round are highlighted.

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“I don’t know if ghosts exist, because for me it’s all about the stories,” said Crowson. “I think it’s that we are testing ourselves, how spooky can we take it before we freak ourselves out?”

One of the most popular places in Lethbridge to hear ghost stories is the Galt Museum and Archives, built in 1891 as the Galt Hospital. One of the more well known stories is of a man who came to the hospital to have a surgery and, unfortunately never left.

“[He] accidentally fell down the elevator and died, and some people say that George has never left,” added Crowson. “People have reported hearing shuffling slipper feet coming to the office, people have seen blue lights floating down the hallway, black shadows watching them work, the old elevator was renowned for running on its own.”

Another area of the hospital was the Sunbeam ward for sick children.


“We have lots of stories of people seeing children up there after the museum is closed, waving to them out the window, we’ve heard voices,” said Crowson.

The hauntings aren’t confined to the Galt either, people have sensed a presence in rooms at the Yates Memorial Centre, others have heard sounds of rehearsals when none were actually taking place.

Yates theatre

Tales of odd happenings at the Fritz Sick Pool date back to 1908 when a man was executed after murdering his girlfriend’s husband, and buried at the site before the building was built.

Fritz Sick Pool

“They actually say if you see strange bubbles it’s actually [him] saying hello to you,” said Crowson.

Whether you believe in ghosts, or not… everyone can agree, it’s a ghostly time of year.

“I have never seen a ghost,” laughed Crowson. “I have had things I can’t explain but I’m still trying to explain them.”

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