WATCH: Dog photobombs Minnesota couple’s engagement photos

This dog sure has a way of commanding attention.

Engaged Minnesota couple Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe wanted to make sure that their engagement photos included their other family member: their dog Louie.

“It just made sense to have him in the pictures because he’s our dog,” Determan told CBS affiliate WCCO.

But the feisty six-year-old dachshund decided to take the photo-op as his own moment of glory.

In several photos, Louie is frolicking in the leaves and jumping in front of the lens. In one photo, Louie’s leaping body perfectly blocks Kluthe from the photograph.

Photographer Karin Berdal wrote on her blog that Louie took the session to “another level.”

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“Megan and Chris mentioned that Louie enjoyed playing in the leaves, but I wasn’t quite ready for HOW MUCH!” she wrote. “Turns out this isn’t the first time Louie has photobombed Chris, and Megan is starting to suspect a little bit of jealousy.”

Another photo from the shoot shows Louie jumping in front of Chris Kluthe. DnK Photography

According to the couple, Louie is a little possessive of Determan, who was Louie’s first owner before Kluthe came into the picture.

“I feel like Louie’s always just kind of like,” she said. “Anytime I go to touch Chris, he’s like, ‘No, I want to be pet!’”

The couple’s wedding is planned for December.


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