WATCH: Police in Italy uncover massive case of worker absenteeism

Finance Police in the Italian seaside town of San Remo have put 35 people under house arrest after uncovering what they said was a massive problem of absenteeism among workers for the city government.

Using hidden surveillance cameras near the ‘punching clocks’ (where people register their arrival and departure from work), police monitored a total of 528 city employees in four locations, beginning in April of 2013.

They said the cameras revealed employees and their relatives regularly swiping several cards at a time while others stood around watching.

The footage purports to show traffic police arriving in their underwear late at night to swipe their cards.

One employee is apparently shown swiping his card before heading out to go rowing.

According to the police, the rower then asked for overtime pay.

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A series of still photos provided by the police purportedly showed city employees in shops and riding scooters in town after swiping in to work.

In addition to the 35 city employees under house arrest, dozens of others have been accused of various illegal acts.