B.C. dentist suspended after 18-year-old patient suffers brain damage

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The College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) has suspended a Kamloops dentist after an 18-year-old patient was left with brain damage.

Dr. Bobby Rishiraj is registered with the CDSBC as a certified specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He operated a private dental facility, the Kamloops Oral Surgery and Implant Centre, and was approved to provide only moderate sedation, not deep sedation.

In November 2012, a patient, known only as HZ, came to the clinic to have her wisdom teeth removed. During the procedure, HZ went into cardiac arrest and subsequently sustained a severe brain injury. The CDSBC says Rishiraj filed a critical incident report with them about the incident.

Following an investigation by CDSBC, the Inquiry Committee directed that a citation be issued against Rishiraj and a hearing was held into the allegations.

He admitted to some of the allegations against him, including providing deep sedation, when his clinic was not a deep sedation facility. He also admitted to not operating the clinic in compliance with CDBSC’s sedation and general anaesthetic standards.

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It was found that he ran his practice by treating as many patients in as short time as possible, he failed to recognize HZ’s cardiac arrest in a timely way and delayed resuscitative measures and failed to adequately monitor his patients while they were under sedation.

Rishiraj has now been suspended from practice for three months, must pay a fine of $50,000 and costs of $50,891 and must complete a multi-day ethics course.

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