‘Heartless media’ ruins Price pregnancy announcement

MONTREAL – Coming off his 36th shutout of his career against St-Louis Tuesday night, the good news just keeps on coming for Habs’ star Carey Price.

While rumours had been circulating, Price’s wife Angela took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to make it official.

On her blog, the first-time mother-to-be expressed sadness and anger that certain media outlets and reporters had announced the news prematurely.

“Why would a first time mother and father want to be the ones to announce this big news, when heartless media can do it for you?” she asked.

Price went on to say that she had been robbed of a once-in-a-lifetime moment but that she wouldn’t let the intrusion ruin what is a very exciting moment in her life.

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She finished off by thanking the many well-wishers and confirmed that they would not be naming the baby Stanley.

Baby Price is due April 26 during the first-round of the playoffs.

Habs fans will likely root for the baby to sleep through the night, so that Price can remain sharp and focused.

But considering the franchise record-setting 7-0 start to the season, it might take more than a few sleepless nights to rattle the star goalie.

The Canadiens play next in Buffalo on Friday night.






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