From orange to red: the West Island goes Liberal in #elxn42

MONTREAL – It seems Trudeaumania has hit the West Island.

“The ridings around the West Island are going to be represented in a strong, stable, majority Liberal government,” said Francis Scarpaleggia, re-elected Liberal MP for Lac-Saint-Louis.

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“A government with a clear plan for the future, a clear plan for the economy and a campaign that ran on a positive message of unity and hope for the country.”

After Justin Trudeau’s big win, West Islanders woke up to a red sweep.

“I think it was due for a big change and I think the Liberals needed to get in there finally,” said one commuter Tuesday morning at the Beaconsfield train station.

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“I’ve been following Justin Trudeau since he was a little kid and loved his dad so good for him. The country was due for a change,” added another.

In the last election, the Orange Wave swept across the West Island, taking two of the three ridings.

This time around, the Liberals had hoped to get their historically strong districts back.

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Many were looking to the west to see if the Orange Wave would roll on or if the Liberals would wash them out.

“If we look at the past 30 years of history, I think we’re back to where we expected to be,” said one Kirkland resident.

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“I think we had a little blip there, but I think we’re back to normal.”

It wasn’t just a win, it was a landslide.

The closest race was in the newly re-drawn district of Dorval-Lachine-Lasalle where Liberal Anju Dhillon won by just under 30 percentage points and over 16,000 votes.

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Now that the three West Island Liberals have secured their spot with the people, the next big question is, will they secure a spot in Trudeau’s cabinet?

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