Election 2015: Last-minute voters’ guide

Okay, Canada: Our protracted national democracy-fest is coming to an end: Election day is Monday, Oct. 19.

Slept through the past 75 days of politicking? Don’t despair: We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got detailed dissections of platforms here:




What each of the parties has promised

What you need to vote

We’ve put together a party platform cheat sheet to help guide you through the morass of promises and rhetoric:

Where the parties overlap:

NDP and Liberals:

  • Reform EI.
  • Expedite immigration and refugee processing.
  • More family-class refugees.
  • Reform access-to-information.
  • Tax incentives for rental units.

NDP and Conservatives:

  • Give auto companies cash
  • Stop appointing Senators.

NDP and Greens:

  • Repeal C-51.
  • Proportional representation.

Conservatives, NDP and Liberals: 

  • Cut small business taxes.


  • Fund clean technologies.

What sets them apart:


Targeted tax cuts. Virtually all their promises – to parents, students, seniors, businesses – take the form of tax cuts or credits.

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  • Lower payroll taxes
  • Tax breaks for single seniors.
  • Tax breaks and taxable cash for families with young kids.
  • Money for apprenticeships and people taking off work to care for babies or sick relatives.
  • Permanent home reno tax credit.


  • $15-a-day childcare by 2023.
  • Universal pharmacare.
  • Carbon cap-and-trade.
  • Higher corporate taxes.


  • More tax-free cash for families earning less than $200,000; no cash for families earning more than that.
  • Increased and expanded student grants, and don’t repay student loans til you’re making at least $25,000.
  • Amend C-51.
  • Study electoral reform.
  • Infrastructure cash infusion, paid for with $10-billion annual deficits for three years.


  • Abolish tuition.
  • No new bitumen exports.
  • End oilsands expansion now, and all fossil fuel use by 2050.
  • No whipped votes.
  • Dental care for poor kids.
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