Facebook corrects bug that let you see how many people viewed your post

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Imagine you could see exactly how many people had laid eyes on your latest Facebook status update, or your latest picture upload? While this is common practice for brands on social networks, it might look a little creepy to the average user.

But a recent bug in Facebook’s system allowed just that. This week, some Facebook users began sharing screenshots of their posts, showing a “Views” count beside the likes and comments.

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These kinds of statistics are usually only available to page owners – individual users should not be able to see any kind of statistic beyond the number of likes and shares on their posts.

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The bug appeared to affect some users when viewing their posts in Facebook’s mobile apps.

Facebook has since corrected the bug, so users should no longer see view counts on Facebook’s mobile site. However, the bug had some worried that a view count could become a new feature for users, many calling it “creepy.”

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