Landlords association wants changes to Sask. tenancy rules

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Landlords Association is calling for changes to the act laying out the regulations for tenants and landlords in the province.

“At the end of the day, it’s inconsistent for both parties,” said Chanda Lockhart, executive director of the Saskatchewan Landlords Association.

Over the next year, members of the association will review the Residential Tenancies Act before presenting their findings to the Office of Residential Tenancies in the fall of 2016. The goal is to clear up any areas where misinterpretations could occur.

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In one case, a tenant evicted for overdue rent took up to four months leave because of a misinterpretation of the act, Lockhart said.

“Legislators and drafters can’t write legislation that’s going to describe everything humans will do and how to treat each specific situation,” said Dale Beck, director of the Office of Residential Tenancies, an independent agency designed to mediate between tenants and landlords.

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Beck says the legislation is under constant review, but changes to the act would be made by the provincial government.

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