Why I’m voting: Global News anchors share what voting means to them

The federal election is Monday, Oct. 19. Chris Young / The Canadian Press

With the federal election just around the corner, we turned to some of our Global News anchors to tell us why they’re voting and what the opportunity to vote means to them.

Dawna Friesen. Global News

Dawna Friesen, Anchor and Executive Editor, Global National

I’m voting because my mother was politically active and taught me that every vote counts. And, I’ve spent enough time in dictatorships where people can only dream about free speech and the right to vote.

Tom Clark. Global News

Tom Clark, Chief Political Correspondent for Global News and Host of The West Block

I’m voting because most places I’ve been, people can’t. Freedom needs oxygen.

Robin Gill. Global News

Robin Gill, BC Correspondent/Weekend Anchor, Global National

Voting is a major deal in my family. My parents have never missed a vote.

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I will never forget the year I was too busy to cast my ballot. I got the wrath of my folks. They were very disappointed in me because where they came from the votes could be rigged or people were too scared to vote.

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I was told that it’s a democratic right and they felt their vote counted here. They’re right.

Carolyn Jarvis
Carolyn Jarvis. Global News

Carolyn Jarvis, Chief Correspondent, 16X9 on Global News

I’m voting because democracy can’t be taken for granted. Too many people have fought too many years to gain this right. It is ours; we live in Canada.

It is your chance to be heard.

Sophie Lui. Global News

Sophie Lui, News Hour Anchor, Global BC

I’m voting because I’m Canadian. I love this country and this is one of the ways I can participate in shaping our nation.

Voting is not just our right here in Canada, it’s our responsibility.

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