Breakfast Buzz: Should Saskatoon invest in solar power?

One of Saskatoon’s oldest movie houses, the Broadway Theatre, is powering itself with new technology - rooftop solar panels.
The City of Saskatoon is one step closer to co-owning a pair of solar arrays. Do you think Saskatoon should invest in solar power?. File / Global News

SASKATOON – The City of Saskatoon’s standing policy committee on environment, utilities and community services moved forward Tuesday to invest in a test project for solar power. It’s now up to council, who will vote on Oct. 26 on whether Saskatoon Light and Power should co-own a pair of solar arrays with the SES Solar Co-Operative.

Initially, each will pay about $90,000, however they said that the reduced cost of power from the panels would pay for itself in about 20 years. The panels are projected to generate enough power for 30 homes.

This would be a demonstration project, to see how viable solar power is in Saskatchewan.

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The Saskatchewan grid has one of the highest carbon emissions per kWh generation in Canada, according to the report from the standing policy committee. Officials estimate this project will reduce annual greenhouse gas emission by 32 tonnes of CO2.

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Our Breakfast Buzz question today: Do you think Saskatoon should invest in solar power?

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