Conservative incumbent Denis Lebel keeps Lac-Saint-Jean

Decision Canada #elxn42
Decision Canada #elxn42. Global News

MONTREAL – Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel has kept his seat in Lac-Saint-Jean, sending him to Ottawa for the fourth time.

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This will be the first time he sits in the opposition.

He has held the seat since 2007.

It’s one of just five seats the Conservatives won back in Quebec in 2011.

NDP candidate Gisèle Dallaire, an industrial psychologist, came in second.

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Lac-Saint-Jean is a large riding north of the Parc des Laurentides, formerly called Roberval—Lac-Saint-Jean.

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The Bloc Québécois‘ Sabin Gaudreault, a retired teacher, came in third.

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The Liberals‘ Sabin Simard, a former mining company executive, came in fourth.

A heavily francophone riding, Lac-Saint-Jean has the lowest percentage of immigrants (0.69 per cent) and Anglophones (0.39 per cent) in the province.