Federal workers union says niqab ban would violate collective agreement

WATCH: Stephen Harper says he'd consider extending a ban on face veils, forbidding public servants from wearing them. Jacques Bourbeau reports.

The national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada says any attempt by Ottawa to ban the wearing of the niqab in the federal public service “would contravene our collective agreements and the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

In an email statement made to Global News on Wednesday afternoon, Robyn Benson said the debate over the niqab is simply a distraction. PSAC is one of the three largest unions representing federal public service workers.

“Why is this all of a sudden becoming an issue when it has never been before?” Benson asked.

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“The real story is that this is just another cynical attempt by the Harper conservatives to distract from the real issues in this election, the reckless government cuts that have impacted millions of Canadians.”

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