Tyler Lemco wants you to vote for him in the federal election (well, not really)

Tyler Lemco stands next to a poster of himself on Saint-Laurent and Sherbrooke, Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Tyler Lemco/Instagram

MONTREAL – Walking past dozens of signs plastered across the city for many federal parties asking for your vote, you may have missed one that was a little different.

Last week, Tyler Lemco, a Montreal writer, spotted the Liberal party posters and figured he could make his own.


“Essentially, zero reason,” he told Global News.

“I saw those Liberal posters and they all look kind of scary. They really all look like mean vampires and I just thought it would be funny.”

Tyler Lemco’s federal election poster, Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Tyler Lemco/Instagram

The 27-year-old DDO native said he made his parody poster just for fun to send to his friends, but it looked so “legit,” that he decided to make a few prints and put them up downtown.

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“I put up five – around McGill, on Saint-Laurent and one in Dollard,” he told Global News.

His slogan: “Not running for anything. I just wanted a sign.”

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The cost: $20 each.

“When I made them, I decided I’m only going to spend $100 on this joke,” he said laughing.

What Lemco didn’t expect, was the huge wave of feedback from friends and strangers on social media.

But would Lemco actually run for federal politics?

“I’ll be honest – I do not know enough about the political race to comment on it,” he said.

“At first, when people started joking around saying ‘I’d vote for you,’ I was like ‘please don’t.'”

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He admits now he’d “kind of like” to see if he could win.

Lemco told Global News he’s going to look into officially registering his ballot.

“Why not me?” he asked.

Tyler Lemco takes a selfie with one of his political posters, Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Tyler Lemco/Instagram

Lemco’s not sure yet which riding he’d run in, but said he’ll run with a new logo: “anything is possible when you’re not really trying to do anything.”

But he said he’s already got his political platform ready.

“I’m a man of the people,” he said.

“So, I’m going to lower beer prices. I’m liking my odds.”

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