Verification count confirms Amarjeet Sohi won Edmonton Mill Woods for Liberals

EDMONTON — A second count done Tuesday confirmed the initial poll results: that Amarjeet Sohi won the seat in the riding of Edmonton Mill Woods for the Liberal Party.

“We knew from day one that this was going to be such a tight race so we were prepared for the outcome,” Sohi said after the second count Tuesday. “But it’s when it’s so tight you’re always going through those emotional roller coaster feelings and me and our volunteers have gone through the same.”

The first count on election night found he won the seat by 80 votes. The second count, which verifies the election results, found Sohi won by 79 votes.

The verification results came in just after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

“I feel honoured that the people of Edmonton Mill Woods have given me the mandate and opportunity to represent them and be their voice in Ottawa,” said Sohi.

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“We are happy with the results. This is a democratic process, people have made their decision and I will work hard to deliver upon that mandate.”

The Edmonton city councillor was up against long-time Conservative Tim Uppal in what was an extremely tight race until the end. When all polls reported Monday night, Sohi appeared to have won a narrow victory.

The vote was not close enough to trigger an automatic recount, but Elections Canada validated the win later Tuesday. As is its practice, Elections Canada does official counts to confirm results for all polls.

“It’s a very close race,” said Uppal on Tuesday, before the results were verified. “The procedure today is a standard procedure. I think our voters and supporters here in Mill Woods deserve to find out what the final numbers are.”

He said his volunteers were awesome and that all his supporters worked hard on “an amazing campaign.”

Uppal said his team will wait for the official count results Tuesday afternoon and then decide whether to request a recount.

“If there’s a recount, that’s an independent, impartial process and I have every confidence in that process,” Sohi said.

“I have to say, I think there’s been enthusiasm for non-Conservative candidates in this city that I haven’t seen for a while,” said Edmonton city councillor Ben Henderson, who was supporting Sohi Monday night.

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Watch below: Edmonton Mill Woods race tight until the end


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Formerly Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont, the riding has shrunk to only include neighbourhoods that are above the southeast corner of the Anthony Henday ring road. The far south neighbourhoods, and the suburb of Beaumont, have moved to another riding.

Prior to the 2015 election, Conservative MP Mike Lake had been elected in the area for three straight elections before he ran in a new Edmonton riding. The riding had elected Lake in 2006, 2008 and 2011. David Kilgour won the seat for the Liberal party in 2004.

Full results from the 2015 federal election

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally posted on Oct. 19 and updated Oct. 20 to include the verification results.

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