Christy Clark talks trophy hunting, Trans-Pacific Partnership and tech during Okanagan appearance

KELOWNA – B.C. Premier Christy Clark was surrounded by cameras today as she talked to staff and asked questions at Bardel Entertainment, a growing animation company that recently moved into a new location in downtown Kelowna.

The premier took the opportunity to talk up the Okanagan’s tech industry, suggesting it will help increase economic diversity in the region.

“We’ve got forestry, agriculture, tourism [and] retirement [industries] but we need businesses here that are bringing lots of young people and new ideas. It’s the tech industry that is the future for the Okanagan Valley.”
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Clark is also feeling optimistic about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Clark told reporters that based on what she has seen so far B.C. Is going to benefit more than any other province from the international trade deal.

“We are a small open economy and we depend on trade to create jobs. Having more opportunities to trade around the world can only be good for British Columbia. Think about opportunities in trade to ship more of our cherries around the world,” she says.

However, the assembled media also wanted to talk about another hot button issue: trophy hunting. A recent poll found the vast majority of British Columbians are against the practice. Ninety-one per cent of British Columbians surveyed by Insights West said they are opposed hunting animals for trophy purposes. But the premier sees the issue differently.

“In terms of the bear hunt, we have a very very healthy population of bears and [the hunt] is all scientifically managed,” says Clark. “There is absolutely no threat to the population of bears and the hunt supports a lot of family run businesses”

Clark does not seem concerned about the potential political consequences of supporting such an unpopular practice.

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“I’ve never decided that I wanted to be in politics and only do things that were popular. I’ve always thought that I should try to do things that are right,” she says.

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