N.B. Public Safety Minister assures work is being done to “modernize” Police Act

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick’s Public Safety Minister says the department has been working for months trying to “modernize” the province’s Police Act.

Stephen Horsman says there are people in place within the department, reviewing the act right now.

“Do I want people sitting at home for two and a half years or three years with pay, waiting for a file to be cleared up? No. But on the other hand I want to make sure police officers are protected,” he said.

The New Brunswick Police Commission, a group that represents the public when it comes to law enforcement, is looking at that and over 30 other concerns they have with the act.

The Commission released a 103-page position paper on their concerns Monday, but did not specify their position on an officer’s suspension with or without pay.

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“This segment does not seek to resolve the issue but rather to circulate and discuss the various arguments and determine if legislative amendments are required in this portion of the Police Act,” the paper reads.

The Commission’s Executive Director Steve Roberge said in August that he wanted to see the Public Safety Minister reconvene a police act review committee.

Horsman says he is looking forward to getting all stakeholders around a table to discuss the issues. He also said he wants to complete it “before his mandate is over.”

“I hope it’s quite a while still,” he said. “I hope the Premier leaves me where I’m at.”

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