Adult colouring books top bestseller lists

SASKATOON – Adult colouring books such as Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest are topping’s bestsellers list. In fact, seven out of the top 20 are adult colouring books.

The popularity of this new form of media has been on the rise for the past six months. Book stores big and small are seeing a dramatic increase in demand.

“Colouring books are absolutely flying off the shelves,” said Indigo’s senior vice-president of print, Bahram Olfati.

Roxanne Cooper, store manager at Kennedy’s Parables in Saskatoon, was told by gift representatives in spring that adult colouring books were going to be the new fad. She didn’t believe them at the time, but now she does.

“We are getting people looking and asking for them more than we’ve ever had,” said Cooper.

For some adults, colouring books offer a new creative outlet; for others, it’s a way to de-stress after a long day.

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“People are wanting something positive, something stress relieving, something creative. Especially people who don’t like to draw, but like to colour,” said Heidi Guenther, a colouring book enthusiast.

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Colouring doesn’t have to always be an independent activity. Guenther hopes it turns into a social one, with friends meeting over coffee, chatting, and colouring.

The trend has also gained popularity in other atypical books. Guenther is leading a new movement in Bible journaling.

“I did have to get over the fact that this was a Bible. I grew up with the fact that this was a sacred book. But, I would challenge people to see this as more of a journal,” said Guenther.

But is colouring truly a way to unwind and engage, or it is sketchy?

“In a way it’s a mindfulness exercise. It puts you in the present moment so if you’re stressed out, once you start colouring you become focused on the shapes and the colours. You can put some of that stress behind you,” said Sister Felicitas Drobig, a professional art therapist.

Anyway you look at it the demand for adult colouring books is on the rise, providing people with the opportunity to put down their electronics, even for just a moment.


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