Toronto students pitch in to help Syrian refugees

WATCH ABOVE: More help is on the way for Syrian refugees. In this case, it’s coming from grade 6 students at Dewson Street Junior Public School. Ashley Carter shows us how they’re coming to the aid of those desperate for help.

TORONTO — More help is on the way for Syrian refugees, this time from Toronto students.

“I know that there are kids my age and we’re living a great life but for them they’re being kicked out of their country because of the government,” said Grade 6 student Jordan.

Students and parents at Dewson Street Junior Public School created the “1,000 School Challenge.” They’re asking 1,000 schools across the country to join them in raising $30,000, which is the amount needed to sponsor a Syrian family.

“I asked my neighbours and family to raise money for them and they all donated $5 or $10,” said Chloe Baker, a Grade 6 student.

“I like doing it because it’s really important and we need to help, we can’t just pretend nothing’s happening and let them deal with it because it’s an issue and we need to help.”

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It’s a challenge that not only the students spearheaded, but also their parents.

“Over the summer watching the boats crossing the Mediterranean, seeing the people dying, how could you not be moved,” said parent Kelly Gallagher-Mackay.

The Toronto District School Board also launched “TDSB Cares” Tuesday to help fund raise in their nearly 600 schools to help with the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

“We’re very fortunate and it’s very hard sometimes for kids to imagine what it’s like somewhere else,” said Robin Pilkey, TDSB Chair.

The TDSB will pair with the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada will match all donations until December.

A note will be going home with TDSB students informing families about the fundraising efforts and how to donate.