MS Hope helping those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

SASKATOON – Patients with multiple sclerosis, along with their family members, may want to attend a free seminar Tuesday evening. MS Hope was developed by Matthew Embry to help those dealing with multiple sclerosis.

Embry was diagnosed with MS at the age of 18. Twenty years later, he is defying most odds and he’s doing it with a unique treatment plan developed between himself and his father, who is a doctor.

He has also had the controversial CCSVI treatment, but aside from that, he deals with his disease drug-free.

“My father had created something that was called the MS best bet diet which, if you Google it can be found all over the world,” Embry told Global News.

“I started with a high dose of vitamin D and I’ve been in remission ever since.”

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Cardio is also part of Embry’s approach.

He will be sharing his experience at the Saskatoon Inn starting at 7:30 p.m. CT as part of a world-wide tour. Admission to the event is free.

Wendy Winiewski contributed to this story

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