Smile Cookies helping Children’s Hospital of Sask. get off the ground

Tim Hortons makes donating to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan easy this week with Smile Cookies. Eric Beck / Global News

SASKATOON – Construction on the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan starts this week, and now more than ever the foundation needs community support in raising the necessary funds. Donating to the cause is made easy this week with Tim Hortons Smile Cookies, where a dollar from every cookie is given to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

“I can’t think of an easier way to help Saskatchewan kids,” said Lynn Redl-Huntington of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Currently the foundation has raised just over $40,000, close the the original goal of $50,000. However now the foundation is working to raise $74.9 million for the project.

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When you buy a Smile Cookie from Tim Hortons for a dollar plus tax, the full dollar is donated to the foundation. Last year in Saskatoon 51,000 cookies were sold during the week long promotion, and this year they hope to top that.

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“For the owners in the city we found that it’s something that we’re passionate about, we care about and it’s something to always be part of the community,” says store owner Danielle Robson, who also mentioned how a children’s hospital is “something that Saskatchewan needs so badly.”

“If anyone has been to the hospital to see it, you’d see why we need this facility.”

Child ambassador Avery Waldner, 10,  has spent quite a bit of time in hospital treating her Neurofibromatosis type 1, an experience she describes as scary. She thinks Smile Cookies are ‘awesome’ and encourages people to get out and buy them, saying they are “really, really, really, really good, and very, very buyable.”

You have until Sept. 20 to buy a Smile Cookie at Tim Hortons.

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