September 11, 2015 8:00 am
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Look familiar? New NDP attack ad is a spin on a Conservative favourite


WATCH ABOVE: The new political attack ad by the NPD is curiously similar to an ad by Conservative Party. Eric Sorensen takes a closer look at the advertisements.

TORONTO – A new election ad from the NDP set to hit the airwaves next week takes aim at Conservative Stephen Harper in a not-so-subtle nod to a well-known Conservative ad.

The ad features actors sitting around an office desk pretending to give Harper a “performance review” on his tenure as prime minister and ends with the phrase “time to let him go.”

Among the criticisms levelled at Harper is the claim that he has the worst jobs record of any prime minister in decades, as well as reference to the Mike Duffy scandal.

The ad from the New Democrats is a take on a Conservative ad attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau declaring him “just not ready” that has been played across the airwaves since May.

The “Interview” series, as it’s become to be known, features several versions with different claims about Trudeau and the Liberal platform.

The new NDP ad also features the same parting joke as one of the actors concludes “nice hair, though.”

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Stephen Lecce, a spokesman for the Conservative Party, said he hopes Canadians won’t be swayed by the add.

“We won’t be fooled by the NDP’s plan to impose an avalanche of taxes on Canadians,” Lecce said. “As taxpayers in Ontario and BC felt firsthand the devastating effects of NDP tax hikes, unemployment and deficits – for the NDP our message is: it’s always a bad time.”

Federal parties are getting to ramp up television ads as this year’s 11-week marathon campaign enters its midway point. Under the new campaign spending limits brought in by the Conservative government this year, a party can spend almost $54.5 million.

The premise of the ad appears to be very similar to an ad created by The Now Group for the Manitoba NDP back in 2011.

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