Federal Election 2015: Scarborough Southwest riding results

Summary: The particular group of candidates in this riding make it one to watch. In the NDP’s corner, MP Dan Harris, who stole what was considered a Liberal stronghold in 2011 when he defeated incumbent Michelle Simson. Trying to win it back for the Liberals is a star candidate, former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. The Conservatives have nominated another Toronto police officer, Roshan Nallaratnam. And for the Greens, Tommy Taylor, one of the activists who was rounded up by Toronto Police during the G20 protests in 2010.

Boundaries: The boundaries of this riding have shifted slightly, losing territory in the north, and gaining some in the east. Neighbourhoods here include The Golden Mile, Kennedy Park, Cliffcrest, Birchmount Park and Clairlea.

Last Election: The NDP’s Harris defeated Conservative Gavan Paranchothy by 1,289 votes. Liberal MP Michelle Simson finished third, 2,420 votes behind the winner.

History: This riding elected only Liberal MPs, from its creation in 1997, until the NDP victory in 2011.

Demographics: 45.4 per cent of people in Scarborough Southwest were immigrants as of the 2011 census – the only one of the six Scarborough ridings where immigrants didn’t comprise a majority of the population.


Conservative: Roshan Nallaratnam, police officer

NDP: Dan Harris, MP since 2011

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Liberal: Bill Blair, former Toronto Police Chief

Green: Tommy Taylor, theatre artist

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