Bank statements, browser history ‘most embarrassing’ info to leak online: survey

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TORONTO – Now that the alleged cheating ways of millions of Ashley Madison users have leaked all over the web, many users are probably feeling a little antsy about all of the personal information they have online.

The leak allegedly contains account details, user names, addresses, phone numbers, encrypted passwords, and 36 million email addresses from Ashley Madison users.

And although Ashley Madison didn’t require users to verify their email addresses when they signed up for the service – making it hard to prove whether or not a person was indeed linked to that account – the leak is bound to end in embarrassment for many.

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But, according to a new survey, information from dating profiles isn’t considered the most embarrassing personal data that could be leaked online.

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According to survey done by security software firm Trustev, 42 per cent of millennials – aged 18 to 34 – said they would be “mortified” or “very embarrassed” if their bank statements were stolen and posted online.

More than a third (36%) of those asked said they would be very embarrassed if their browsing history was leaked and 29 per cent said the same about their phone’s camera roll.

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Trustev Chief Marketing Officer Rurik Bradbury told Buzzfeed News that millennials are likely most concerned about their bank statements being publicized, because they act as a “a proxy for what you spend money on.”

“Grandma would be horrified by having family pics or baby pics on the Internet. Today, we’re so used to sharing personal pics and problems, but are sensitive about what we earn and spend on,” Bradbury told Buzzfeed.


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