5 unusual sports to try this summer

MONTREAL – AquaMermaid, underwater rugby and dodgebow – unconventional sports are picking up steam as Canadians search for new and fun ways to stay active.

In a recent poll by ParticipACTION, only 17 per cent of Quebecers said they’ve tried a ‘weird sport,’ but over 60 per cent said they would give it a shot – making Quebec the most likely province in the country to try a something new.

“People are starting to recognize that there is no right way to be active,” said Allana LeBlanc, ParticipACTION’s physical activity expert and exercise physiologist.

“To get the 150 heart-pumping minutes of physical activity you need each week, you don’t need to jog or go to gym…there are so many creative and fun ways to get the movement you need.”

Take a look at these five unusual Montreal-based sports and let us know which one you would try:

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AquaSirène takes swimming to a whole new, underwater level. AquaSirène

Watch out Ariel, Montreal is coming for you!

Equipment: swimsuit and tail

Price: $60 for a 1 hour trial class (tail rental included)

Skill-level: students must know how to swim

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For more information, check out the AquaSirène website.

Bubble Madness

It’s all about Bubble Madness for these soccer players. Caroline Demers

With so many ways to play the game, anyone looking watching these soccer players really would think it’s all bubble madness.

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Equipment: huge transparent bubble that protects from head to knee, soccer ball, cones and bibs are provided

Price: $300 for 1 hour, with 10 bubbles

Skill-level: minimum age is seven-years-old

Check out the Bubble Madness website for more information.

Disc Golf

Disc golfers get the best of both worlds. Association Disc Golf Montréal

Have you ever had to choose between golfing and ultimate frisbee? Well, problem solved!

Equipment: discs

Price: varies depending on tournaments and locations

Skill-level: all

Check out the Association Disc Golf Montreal website for more information.

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Underwater Rugby Montreal

As if rugby wasn’t difficult enough!. Underwater Rugby Montreal

Don’t forget your goggles – underwater rugby is all about high intensity – but without the grass burns.

Equipment: a mask, a pair of fins, a snorkel, a pair of water polo caps (a dark/blue one and a white one) and a swimsuit

Price: first four training sessions are free

Skill-level: try and see if you feel comfortable

Check out the CAMO Underwater Rugby website for more information.


Dodgeball will never be the same again. Dodgebow

Are you good enough to fit in with the likes of Katniss, Hawkeye, Robin Hood and Legolas?

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Equipment: bows and arrows, protective face mask, protective arm band, inflatable obstacles are all supplied on site

Price: $25 for a 1 hour session

Skill-level: everyone is welcome, aged 18 and over

Check out the Dodgebow website for more information.

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