Federal Election 2015: Halifax West riding results

Summary: Liberal MP Geoff Regan is looking for a sixth straight win in this riding.

Boundaries: Geographically, this riding is about half the size it was in the last election, reflecting a large jump in population. It now includes the Fairview/Clayton Park area of Halifax, as well as Bedford and the suburbs of Timberlea and Hammonds Plains. The southern Halifax suburbs are now part of South Shore-St. Margarets.

Last Election: In 2011, Liberal incumbent Geoff Regan held off a surge in the Conservative vote to win this seat by 2,448 votes.

History: This riding has been dominated by the Liberal party and Regan for nearly two decades. First elected here in 1993, Regan was defeated by the NDP in 1997, but he reclaimed the seat in 2000 and has held it ever since. The Conservatives finished second here in 2011 – their strongest showing in this riding since 1993.

Demographics: The median income is $33,784, highest in Atlantic Canada (as of the 2011 National Household Survey).


Conservative: Michael McGinnis, member of the Halifax Community Health Board

NDP: Joanne Hussey, small business owner

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Liberal: Geoff Regan, MP since 2000

Green: Richard Zurawski, radio show host and meteorologist

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