CTV reporter charged over Ferguson coverage

CTV's Los Angeles bureau chief Tom Walters was charged with interfering with a police officer after being arrested while covering the Ferguson protests last year. Screenshot via CTV News

TORONTO – CTV says its Los Angeles bureau chief has been charged nearly a year after his arrest while covering the protests in Ferguson, Mo.

The network says Tom Walters is facing charges of interfering with a police officer.

Walters was arrested last August while trying to ask a question of a Missouri Highway Patrol officer, and later released without charge. The incident was captured on video.

CTV reports that Walters recently received a summons to appear in a St. Louis court this month, on allegations he failed to comply with police commands to disperse from West Florissant Avenue, where many of the protests were held.

Wendy Freeman, the president of CTV News, says the network “strongly condemns” the charges.

“Tom has the full support of CTV News as we fight these charges,” she said in a statement.

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“Almost a year ago, Tom was arrested and detained for eight and a half hours for simply doing his job. As an organization that covers news both in Canada and internationally, CTV News is unwavering in its commitment to defending the rights of all journalists.”

Several journalists were arrested while covering the Ferguson protests. At least two other media outlets say their reporters have been charged.

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